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Video Games: My Personal History and Recollections

Do you advocate playing video games in education? We should talk more about our own life experiences as part of this conversation. I have been reflecting […] 

Civilization Revolution: Learning & Games

Do you play video games? Lucy (7) and I are playing Civilization Revolution (CivRev) on PS3 with great gusto. Sarah (4) plays this same game on the iPad and we […] 

The Endless Ocean, Situated Learning & James Gee

Holiday Fun At the beginning of the school holidays I asked Miss 4 and Miss 6 what we could do together for fun. Quite a […] 

Will videogames become better than life?

The title of David Perry’s TED talk on videogames instantly reminded me of that Red Dwarf episode and novel, ‘Better Than Life’. Enjoy this amusing […] 

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