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The best of both worlds: an anecdote

I have been asked to ‘lecture’ at the University of Wollongong this year. This position gives me the privilege of working with tertiary students preparing […] 

Teachers and Social Media

“If you can’t dance a step, you can’t teach it, and if you can’t teach it – we might as well all pack up and […] 

Twitter and Edmodo in Denmark

  You may have read these musings about hashtags and citizenship after the #LondonRiots. This post is a brief reflective piece about a series of […] 

All I need to know about Twitter I learned at kindergarten

Thanks to Prof. Steve Wheeler for his post about the ‘art of twitter’ and this slideshare below. All I need to know about Twitter I […] 


On the road for more than a month now, I have not been paying as much attention to my social media networks as usual and […] 

Teacher-librarians: Digital Communication Tools (Part II)

In the age of ‘infowhelm’ choosing the appropriate digital communication tools – to stay in-the-loop and professionally connected – is essential for any professional person, […] 

Connected…or at least, connecting!

The department supports its employees’ participation in social media online applications such as social networking sites, wikis, blogs, microblogs, video and audio sharing sites and […] 

Best Australian Blogs 2011

The Sydney Writers’ Centre blogging competition involves an eclectic range of blogs, many of them new to me. These competitions are always a good way of […] 

Time to Vote: 2010 The Edublog Nominations

It is time to vote in the annual Edublog Awards. Thanks to the Edublogs team who have worked hard to compile so many nominations. It […] 

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