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Building a school in Cambodia

My friend and colleague, Lynette Lanham, is celebrating a significant birthday early next year by asking her friends and colleagues to support the construction of […] 

Google Translate

  Google Translate is the most essential tool in my daily existence at the moment, on exchange in Denmark, at Viborg Katedralskole. Most Danes speak English […] 

Learning in Paris

The Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie is the biggest science museum in Europe, with the admirable goal, according to Wikipedia, of spreading ‘scientific and […] 

Learning in London

“Travelling is just like homeschooling but way better…” says Lucy – and I tend to agree. Not having the chance to travel overseas until was […] 

Travelling in China: Photography, Social Media and Shanghai

Last year I wrote a unit of work, after my travels in Shanghai, that I would like to share with you. It is written for […] 

Understanding the Rise of China

Anyone who read my blog in 2010 would know how a trip to Shanghai opened my eyes to what we have all been reading about over […] 

Shanghai: Cao Yang neighourhood

Mrs Ding, a community leader, invited our group to visit Cao Yang neighourhood for a day last week. This suburb is about 20km NW of  downtown Shanghai […] 

Shanghai: Better City, Better Life

Shanghai has exceeded, my already very high expectations, over the last week – it is a great city and, as you can see from the […] 

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