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MySchool: Part II

The MySchool site lists each Australian school in a group of 60 ‘similar’ institutions using the ‘Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage’ (ICSEA). As explained at the site: The […] 

No laughing matter…

Satire, has long been humanity’s answer to limited, ignorant public policy. Enjoy this parody of American educational policies that have failed.  

MySchool: Part I

I support transparency, governments sharing information with citizens and believe schools must improve by using data, along with a range of other innovations. I applaud […] 


Senator Conroy’s recent announcement about the censorship of the internet in Australia has disturbed and perturbed Australians who reflect intelligently on the nature of our […] 

Risk, Fear and Paranoia: Perspective, People!

“If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.” Source This short talk explores the heart of the matter of change, for us, working […] 

'The Clay Layer'

The glacial pace of change in Education is a theme constantly discussed by colleagues I admire but mostly I hear the opposite, that change is too relentless, too challenging. Systems […] 

Us Now

Us Now is a film I am particularly keen to see as it explores the power of mass collaboration and the internet on the way […] 

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