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“Your filtered photos on your WordPress blog, right from your mobile device. Simple. Smart. No privacy or licensing issues to get in your way.”

As an educator, WordPress blogger, photographer, iPhoneographer and social media enthusiast the recent funding of Pressgram via Kickstarter truly fascinated. It is why the World Wide Web is still so often an inspiring daily part of our lives with the potential for each individual to realise great, and small, projects. The philosophy and values espoused by John Saddington for his development of this “Image Sharing App Built for an Independent Web” resounded so much I supported his project, my first ever with the crowd funding platform Kickstarter 

The following videos explain John’s rationale for building his app.

Educators take note

I really like John’s ideas about transparency, writing and education. The video below talks about how people can travel with him on that journey and help others use Kickstarter. I LIKE it and John is certainly leaving a trail. He may be unnecessarily critical of his own writing skills but communication of ideas is definitely his forte. Educators really should watch this video, he really has the right idea about learning, creative control and sharing.

Do you agree this would make a great case study for students in secondary school?

I remember watching a video about how teenagers set up a t-shirt business when I was at high school and found it quite inspiring. How many of our students could realise great or small projects if they understood how to go about it. I really look forward to following the rest of John’s journey with Pressgram.

There’s lots more information at John’s Pressgram Youtube Channel and you can follow John Saddington and Pressgram on Twitter. I am really looking forward to the app (and my t-shirt). 😉

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Featured images: screenshots from Kickstarter.


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  1. ooooh. you’ve touched a big part of my life here. i’m passionate and fascinated by education, thank you for this!

    i hope others can follow in my footsteps and do even greater things!

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