Shanghai: Better City, Better Life

Shanghai has exceeded, my already very high expectations, over the last week – it is a great city and, as you can see from the featured photo of Nanjing Road, very paradoxical!

I expected to update my blog daily but quite frankly, have been having too much fun and very little time on my laptop, except to upload photos to flickr.

Last week I had a range of excellent, stimulating experiences (some of which I tweeted about) including much wandering with my camera and:

  • the Shanghai museum
  • the 2010 World Expo
  • boating in Suzhou
  • the Yu Yuan Gardens
  • wandering the streets of the old town, French Concession and the Bund
  • seeing the New Shanghai Circus
  • hearing the TMSK Ensemble
  • many othergardens and museums of political and social interest

I will write more considered posts on return to Australia about what I have learnt re: education and learning in Shanghai.

Here’s a slideshow of Shanghai faces and another of my best photos so far.



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