Opportunities for professional growth and renewal are plentiful, if you work as an educator but rarely does one have the kind of opening to a new world that has presented itself recently.

Carsten Søndergaard and I are exchanging our jobs for a term.

Carsten is a Pædagogisk Inspektor at Viborg Katedralskole, establish in 1060, in, of course, Viborg. This is a leadership exchange and Carsten will fulfil my role as a deputy principal and vice-versa.

My family is keen and Lucy, particularly, is looking forward to school in Denmark and learning another language.

I am a little concerned about struggling in my professional role due to my monolingual status. My school is getting a great deal though with Carsten being a fluent English speaker. I will start learning Danish these holidays. Anyone suggest a quality audio resource?

I am particularly interested in what the Danes are doing with online examinations and hope to make some good contacts and learn much from their experience.

Anyone already completed a teaching exchange in Denmark?

Also, there must be opportunities for some students in your schools to do some virtual exchanges with the contacts I make in the Danish education system. Ideas?

What else can my PLN come up with that could be exciting and beneficial to students and colleagues?

July 2011 is sooo far away but there’s plenty of time to prepare and learn and savour!

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