#Bridge Street

My presentation for principals today didn’t go as smoothly as one would hope. We had poor internet access and streaming videos and pages loading properly was problematic.

However, my PLN was great and tweeted hellos using the hashtag #BridgeSt. Hopefully some delegates came away enthused with the potential of these tools.





  1. Sorry to hear about your challenges during the presentation. Know the feeling – been there done that!

    Approximately 15 minutes before I was due to give a keynote presentation we discovered they had problems with how websites were displaying on their Internet. It all related to a virus they had on the computer which meant they needed to change that computer. So seconds before the presentation I grabbed a laptop off my friend and gave her my MacBook. Poor thing she was live blogging for the event and had never used a Mac and her laptop used Vista/Office 2007 which I had only used once. However the great news was it all went well.

    PS your slideshare isn’t working 🙁

  2. darcymoore:

    Ooops, ticked the wrong box. Thanks Sue, I appreciate your support. I really only want to do workshops but so few venues seem to have the facilities. We really need to go Conference 2.0 in our Ed. systems.

  3. Tom:

    Suggest you use Teleport Pro in future to save websites you need to so that presentations can go ahead smoothly. It would be like as if you are connected to the internet. Always have a Plan B.


  4. darcymoore:

    Oh, I had a plan B. Did that ;O)

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