Us Now

Us Now is a film I am particularly keen to see as it explores the power of mass collaboration and the internet on the way we govern our affairs.

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  1. Lyn:

    Thanks Darcy for pointing me towards a great resource and inspiring a teaching idea. It occurred to me that this You tube discussion would be an interesting investigative way to introduce a study of news making similar to that suggested by Wayne Sawyer.

    I’ve also been thinking about the usefulness of studying philosophy with Year 7 (after listening to ABC Radio National) and thought this would be a great place to start a discussion about the idea of democracy – not the rituals.

  2. darcymoore:

    Your idea is exciting, Lyn. I have been feeling – for a long time now – that we need to explore how people really can communicate to engage students in worthwhile pursuits in English (all) classrooms. Doing another comprehension/worksheet is not really what anybody needs.

  3. Troy:

    ‘Doing another comprehension/worksheet is not really what anybody needs.’ Here here…

    Yet, during the forum on the National Curriculum our discussion group got on to the place of technology and the wording of the guiding questions. The questions suggested how English could accomodate technology. We strongly debated the need for ‘English’ (what ever that means!) must embrace technology. The heated discussion had the room half/half. I just can not think of a better way to engage teenagers than use of technology, in creating and critical analysis, not just word processing. Two, I was one of them, of the group highlighted the great experience building websites and the response was frosty. So many thought our job as ‘English teachers’ shouldn’t include such ‘things’…

  4. Lyntiernan:

    How could our job as ‘English teachers’ NOT include such things! Dinosaurs …

  5. Troy:

    Exactly…If some teachers are dinosaurs, what does that make the structures we work in??

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